Medical Wall Supply Unit Integra

The medical wall supply unit Integra was developed especially for the requirements of normal care. It combines supply engineering with the most recent lighting-solutions without being intrusive, so that the focus is on the essential: The fast recovery of the patient.

Comfortable luminous power

In addition to the best possible medical care, the decisive factor for a sustainable recovery is that the patient feels comfortable. The easiest way to achieve this is to create a homely atmosphere with the right lighting. With the aid of state-of-the-art LED technology, the right lighting solution can be found for every area. Integra not only provides sufficient brightness, it also creates a dynamic room atmosphere that can be adapted to any situation. Lighting components are available with dimming functionality, with adjustable light colour or as RGB-version, in order to achieve special color-accents. For that, we use efficient LED components in order to be able to offer sustainable, economical products.

Functionality and aesthetics

Despite the attractive and slim design, all necessary components find their place. Two installation levels are available for this, which can be freely configured because of internal separations. The front installation level accommodates all types of medical gas sampling valves, but all other components can also be installed there. The lower installation level is ideally suited to accommodate many installations without affecting the cosy character of the room. It is also oriented forward a few degrees to ensure better ergonomics. Integra also allows you to store your medical accessories or medical devices. It is possible to attach a standard equipment rail (25x10mm) made of brushed, stainless steel to the front.

Modern materials

The housing consists of extruded aluminum profiles, which can either be purified with a powder coating or with anodizing to protected against disinfectants. Plastic covers are made of resistant, scratch-resistant PMMA. Our standard colours are natural anodised aluminium or powdercoated RAL 9016 (traffic white) shiny matt. According to customer requirements, not only other colors are available, but also the use of different decors, as shown in the Figure.

Order and cleanliness

The neat design not only creates a clean impression visually: the supply system was designed to meet the highest hygiene requirements. If possible, all installations are installed flush with the surface in order to simplify cleaning as much as possible.

Technical Data

Standard colors

RAL 9016 (Traffic white) or
Natural anodised aluminium

Load capacity (equipment rail)

Max. 20 kg/m

Weight (without fixtures)

Ca 8,6 kg/m

Dimensions cross section (H x D)

160mm x 175mm

Max. profile length available


Direct lighting (standard)

ca. 2400lm dimmable
(DALI), light color 4000K

Indirect lighting (standard)

ca. 4800lm dimmable
(DALI), light color 4000K