Our Services

Supply Units

We offer you a wide range of products: medical supply units for intensive care/OR, medical supply units for normal care for customers with high design demands.

Medical Devices

We develop and market medical devices like controlled vacuum pumps for wound-/thoraxapplication, hold systems for the OR, gas supply devices, lights and other accessories.

Custom Products

We offer you to customize our products specialized to your requests. Because of our own development-section and our on-site fabrication we have the possibities to deliever products very fast and with the best quality. Talk to us we have a solution for your problem.


Normal Care

With our wall supply units we can comply with various design requirements in order to integrate the units into a wholesome room concept. For example, with wooden housing, the unit can create a pleasant atmosphere for patient rooms without the usual hospital character.


Intensive Care

Our wall supply units as well as our ceiling supply units are providing you solutions for care rooms. Although quality and hygiene is in the foreground.

Mobile Low-Vacuum Systems

The new powerful electronically controlled mobile low vacuum system offers a great range of applications independent of fixed vacuum and power supplies: Apart from typical mobile post-operative pleura care, the new and more powerful system can be used for further appliances, which require e.g. a higher vacuum or special programme sequences. A maximum vacuum of -550 mbar and a totally free programmability open up a very broad field of applications as well as a high individuality.

Holding System OR

The GA2 positions and fixes tools (e.g. all types of retractors), endoskopes and cameras reliable during operations. Manual holding gets unnecessary – the OR-Team gets relieved effectivly. With releasing of the pedal buttond you can move the arm in your specific position. The ball and socket joint at the tool holder allows precise vernier adjustment.

Standard Accessory Rail System

Hollow stainless steel rail 25x10x1,5 mm with welded threaded bolts – suitable for attaching medical devices fitted with rail clamps.
Length of single accessory rails can be adjusted individually and without surcharge.

Accessory/ Workplace Components

For every product we offer variegated and qualitative accessory. You can find more about accessory on the specific site or at the downloads (prospect workplace components).

About us

Since 1983 we have been manufacturing medical devices for hospitals in the state Saarland. After shifting to our new premises in Sulzbach in the year 2003, we have continuously been enlarging and enhancing our production capacity by modern machining centres. Today, quality, flexibility and customer orientation are our principals. Besides our core competence in medical supply units with a great range of accessories, we are also engaged in the field of vacuum technology and surgical positioning systems. Over the years, many of our individually customised solutions have been developed to standard products which you can find here at our website. We would be pleased to also cooperate with you as hospital, planner/service provider or dealer. Contact us !
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D-66280 Sulzbach/Saar
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Plant Engineering and Construction

We configure and install technical and medical gas supply systems. Furthermore we are able to help you with plannning and construction. Please take a look at our references. Of course we will service all constructions in the following years.

OEM Development

We develop and produce you product exclusive for you. Thanks to the new CAD/CAM-Systems,3D printing and our experience, we can produce prototypes in an extremly short time and we can reduce uneeded costs for you. We bring our many years of experience in construction and production engineering to bear in your product. In addition to that we work to strict quality demands for the best customer satisfaction.